rgblack    AKQA IMPACTO  /2021.

Films technology was not created to capture all types of skin and, for many years, white skin has become the basis for calibrating camera colors though the "Shirley card", aiming to meet the needs of the dominant target market at the time. From analog, the pattern continued to be repeated in technologies and algorithms.

The RGBLACK movement was born to break these rules and change the perspective of those behind the cameras, showing that it is possible to overcome the technology created to favor only one skin type and portray the black beauty. 

The rgblack.org platform contains new calibration cards designed for diverse skin types, plus information on the principles of lighting, beauty, colourimetry and more.

︎︎︎  concept / creative idea / art direction / graphic design (ID)

D&AD 2022:
SHORTLIST - Photography (Portraits)

Clio Awards 2023:
BRONZE - Film Craft (Visual Effects)

The Gerety Awards 2022:
GOLD - Work For Good