earth suit    ORIBA  /2022.

The billionaires space race got us all thinking: Wouldn’t our planet's energy and human craftsmanship be better invested in finding sustainable solutions on the ground? As it turns out, there are earthlings in Paraíba, Brazil, who are already doing just that.

They've converted previously unproductive land into an organic cotton farm.

Together with the independent Brazlian clothing brand Oriba, we created the Earth Suit – an open source 100% organic white t-shirt. And since we Brazilians are used to doing wonders on a budget, we decided to share our “much better and far simpler plan” not only with the fashion industry, but also with leaders of the space industry.

We released a fashion film and 3 open letters to Musk, Bezos and Branson.
A collective effort from farmers, brands, film people, copywriters, art directors, and accounts - all on a David versus Goliath crusade to shift the focus back to the only planet capable to host life.

The Earth Suit was launched in January 2022 during the same week that Virgin and SpaceX launched two more rockets into space.

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