sos nerds  NETFLIX | STRANGER THINGS  /2022.

Stranger Things is Netflix’s biggest series of all time, a true pop culture phenomenon around the world. But because Season 4 had been delayed for years due to the pandemic, fans were getting restless about the new season, and the expectations were high.

So our strategy was to turn their restlessness into our biggest asset: to activate only the nerdiest of superfans bringing them into the world of the show and to create enough conversation to spread the message to the mainstream public.

SOS Nerds was designed to open a portal between 1986 and 2022 using the technologies of their respective times, with hidden messages encoded in the executions as calls-to-action for the nerdiest of nerds from 2022 to discover and decipher and rally the rest of the world to help the nerds of 1986 in their biggest battle yet.

︎︎︎  creative idea / concept / art direction

Cannes Lions 2023:
SHORTLIST - Film / Innovation in Film (Morse Code Trailer)
SHORTLIST - Film / Culture & Context (Morse Code Trailer)

Clio Awards 2022:
SILVER - Video Promo Mixed Campaign (SOS Nerds)
SILVER - Social Media (SOS Nerds)
SILVER - Original Content / Creative Content (Morse Code Trailer)
SILVER - Original Content / Fan Driven (NFT 1986)

El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2022:
BRONZE - Producción de Audio & Sonido (Total Eclipse of Hawkins)

The Webby Awards 2023:
WINNER - Best Community Engagement (SOS Nerds)